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A guide to ZONE3 wetsuits

When it comes to choosing your wetsuit, there are many things to consider.We have compiled all the information on our wetsuits in one place for you to compare and help you make your decision. If you need any more help in deciding which suit would be

Swimming in a triathlon wetsuit: A beginner's guide

If you have never tried on or swum in a triathlon wetsuit before there are a few things you need to consider. It is important to consider the fit when buying a wetsuit to try to select the correct size for you. A triathlon-specific wetsuit is designe

Which ZONE3 wetsuit will keep me warmest in cold conditions?

It is important to remember that everybody differs when it comes to tolerance to the cold, it is up to the swimmer to determine how long they can swim in cooler temperatures, though it is something to get used to. Our wetsuits have varying core thick

What makes a triathlon wetsuit different?

Triathlon wetsuits started being developed in the late 80s by Ironman athlete Dan Empfield. He set about creating a suit that would help him swim faster through the water and also out of transition. Triathlon wetsuits have come a long way over the la

What size am I in a wetsuit?

Many people will fit into two different sizes acceptably. ZONE3 have the two fits; comfort fit and performance fit. Our entry level wetsuits, the Advance and Vision, have a slightly more straight cut around the torso, designed for comfort first and f

How do I fit my new wetsuit?

When putting on your wetsuit, undo the zip and fold the suit in half so you can step into the legs of the suit. Pull the suit on using the inside, fabric-side, of the suit to avoid damaging the outside smooth neoprene with your fingernails.  Try inst

Do you do plus size wetsuits?

We know that people come in all shapes and sizes, and we are delighted to have extended our sizing options in many of our suits up to XXL for women, and also including an ML size for shorter ladies. We constantly review our customer feedback with reg

How do I care for my wetsuit?

Please follow some of these simple guidelines to ensure that your wetsuit stays in the optimum condition: Rinse well in fresh water after every use.  Minimise time left in direct sunlight and aim to dry in the shade.  Dry inside out first and then d

How do I remove my wetsuit quickly?

There is a certain art in removing your wetsuit quickly, for race day & everyday training. Getting it off quickly actually takes a lot of hassle out of the process, but also makes you look pretty cool too, as well as being fast!

Can I get my wetsuit repaired?

We always recommend checking over your wetsuit each time it has been worn to make sure any nicks are addressed immediately. If left unrepaired, they can cause stress points on areas and become larger if not addressed as soon as possible. If the res

Can you tell me more about Terraprene?

TerrapreneTM is a cutting edge synthetic biodegradable rubber material and is used in our Vision wetsuit. The material boasts similar properties to regular performance neoprene, but is produced from renewable feedstocks and is 100% biodegradable. It

Yulex Switch wetsuit

Introducing our first wetsuit using Yulex material, the Switch is designed to be used for water based recreational activities including swim, paddleboarding and surfing. The main body of the suit comprises Yulex, coupled with smoothskin arms for redu

Do you make a wetsuit suitable for other watersports?

Yes we do!. Introducing the new Yulex Switch multisport wetsuit. We've designed this suit in response to the need for a wetsuit that can fulfil a number of purposes including swim, surf, paddleboarding etc. Generally, this suit would be suitable for