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What size am I in a wetsuit?Updated 5 months ago

Many people will fit into two different sizes acceptably. ZONE3 have the two fits; comfort fit and performance fit. Our entry level wetsuits, the Advance and Vision, have a slightly more straight cut around the torso, designed for comfort first and foremost, whereas Performance Fit e.g. Aspire and Vanquish, concentrates more on performance, then comfort second.

If you were looking to purchase an Aspire or Vanquish with thinner neoprene and increased flexibility, then we would suggest choosing the middle or smaller sizes. 

If you were looking to purchase an Advance or Vision with a thicker neoprene and lesser flexibility, we would suggest choosing the middle or larger sizes.

Getting the right size wetsuit is important as a suit that is too loose will let too much water into it and a suit that is too tight will make for an uncomfortable swim.  We normally say if the suit feels tight on dry land, but you can move your arms comfortably then it’s a good overall fit.

Where body measurements can put you into a number of different sizes we use the weight as the deciding factor and although the height is significant, it is secondary to the weight.

There are some differences in sizing between our suits, so please ensure you check the size guide relevant to the suit you are looking to purchase. It isn't always that case that if you wear a Medium in one of our suits, that you will fit a Medium in another. 

If you are new to our brand or a trying open water swimming for the first time please check out our blog here for tips and advice here: Beginners Guide to Swimming in a Wetsuit

If you need further sizing advice feel free to contact us using our Contact Form we will be very happy to help you determine which is the right size for you.

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