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How tight should the wetsuit be?Updated a year ago

Sometimes the wetsuit can feel too tight if it’s not quite fitted properly. We recommend watching the video on the link below and trying on the wetsuit again to see if the wetsuit feels any different.

Wetsuit fitting video: Zone3 | Wetsuit Fitting Guide

Remember that the wetsuit needs to fit tightly to stop too much water flowing in and out of the suit whilst you are swimming and that the suit will also loosen up once you get in the water and in a horizontal swim position. If the suit is tight and you are able to circle your arms around freely this is a good indicator that the suit is the right size.

You don’t need to bend over to touch your toes or do a squat in your wetsuit. The important thing is that you should be able to go through the motion of swimming relatively easily on land. Remember that once wet, the suit will fit better. The suit will also mould to your shape the more you wear it. Please see below for some more fitting advice:

  • Check to see that the suit pulls into your lower back and there is not a big gap. If there is, try bringing the suit higher up on the crotch and bringing the neckline higher. If there is too much excess fabric in any particular area, the suit may be too big and let water in.
  • Extend your arms from your sides, parallel to the ground. The wetsuit should be close to your armpits and there should also be some small folds on the top of the shoulder. If this isn’t the case, you may need to move the arms of the suit towards your shoulders. You can do this by extending one arm over your head and carefully sliding the arm of the suit towards your shoulder.
  • Extend your arms in front of your chest, crossed at the wrists. There should be a minimum of gaping at the neck or billowing in the chest. It is expected that a small amount of space or folds will be in the wetsuit.
  • If you feel that the neck is uncomfortable; try putting the suit up in the back of the legs, bum and especially through the zip. Grab the base of the zip and work any excess material towards the shoulders.
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