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What wetsuit can I hire?

We are sorry we are no longer offering Wetsuit Hires, our event partners have all been informed.  If you need an alternative option, we can suggest by clicking here: Hire a Zone3 Suit They offer Zone3 Wetsuit hire along with other

How does the hire wetsuit fit?

Please take a look at our size guides for more details on the fit of the Zone3 wetsuits.

When do I need to order my wetsuit?

To ensure you will have a wetsuit ready for race day, we strongly recommend you hire your wetsuit in good time of your race. This will give you the opportunity to swim in it and get used to racing and transitioning with it. The cut-off point for hiri

What is the deposit for?

We ask for a deposit on your hire wetsuit as many triathletes who hire a wetsuit will end up wanting to keep the wetsuit for their next race or for recreational swimming.

How do I get my deposit back?

Depending on what hire you purchased, you have the following options: Day Hires - Leave at the Zone3 stall at the end of the day and we will process your refund within 10 working days. Month Hires - You have 30 days from the date of receiving your

Can I keep my wetsuit after the hire period?

If you love your Zone3 wetsuit and would like to keep it, please do. Just simply hold onto it and we will not process your refund. You will then have a triathlon wetsuit ready for your next race. For full wetsuit hire terms and conditions go here.